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Welcome to the Phrozen Keep's file mirroring page at If you are having trouble with Fileplanet, you might be able to find your file here. This is only a very small percentage of the downloads available in the main File Center of Phrozen Keep, but represents some of the most important modding tools, modding files, and popular mods.

This page and the space for these downloads is generously hosted by Kardon and his hosting site at

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File Insertion/Extraction Tools
MPQ2K v.2
MPQ View v1.1b
MPQ Datafile for 1.10
MPQ Editor v1.3 beta 1
WinMPQ v1.62

Image Editing Tools
DC6 Maker v3.0
DC6ConMan v1.0

Map Editing Tools
win_ds1edit (rel. 08/21/03)

Mod Testing Tools

String Editing Tools
Afj666 Table editor
Darkstorm's Diablo 2 Table Editor v1.02
Peer TBL Editor v3.38

TXT Editing Tools
D2 Excel v1.0

Code Editing Tools
Hex Workshop v4.10
Hex-editor XVI32 v2.51

Animation Editing
CL2 Direction Realigner v1.1.0
CV v5.2
CvDcc AddOn Version v3.00
DR Tester v0.05 (Rel. #1 - February 2003)
MERGE_DCC freeware 1.5

Required Files for Some Tools
Allegro v4.0 DLL Library for Windows
Visual Basic Runtime v3.0
Visual Basic Runtime v4.0
Visual Basic Runtime v5.0
Visual Basic Runtime v6.0

Clean Install Files
Clean 1.09B Patch file
Clean 1.09D Patch file
Clean 1.10 Patch file
Clean 1.09B DLL files
Clean 1.09D DLL files
Clean 1.10 DLL files
Clean 1.09 TXT files
Clean 1.10 TXT files
Clean 1.09B TBL files
Clean 1.10 TBL files

Mega stash/inventory/cube plugin for 1.10

Beginner's Guide to D2 Mod Making (PDF Version)
Beginner's Guide to D2 Mod Making (Word Version)
Diablo II Animation Conversion Extended Tutorial
Diablo II v1.09b Code Editing Tutorial v1.00
Itemratio.txt + Item Quality Drops Reference

LoD Mods - 1.09
Ancestral Recall v1.07 (Skills Enhanced)
Bando Mod v1.0
Boss Mod v1.0
Cubaholics v0.83b
Demon Trip v2.0
Diablo ii++ v1.0
Enhanced Drop Mod v1.0
Expanded Stash + Item Drop Mod + Experience Plus v1.0
Hell on Earth 2 v2.9
Magic: The Gathering v1.0
Master of Arms v1.2
Nezeramontias v1.05

LoD Mods - 1.10
Ancestral Recall

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